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"He is trash"

"He only cares about food"

"He has no feelings for Kaneki, he just wants to eat him"image

"How can he kill with a smile on his face? Omg, heartless"

"Why does he look so much like a girl? Gross"

"He’s a psycho, he doesn’t have feelings at all"


"What a cold person"

"She’ve lost a partner and a classmate and she doesn’t cry?"

"Heartless bitch"


"What a baby"

"Damn he’s hot"

"Uwah, he’s hella strong, amazing!"


Don’t be fooled by appearances


finally doing this lmao its been 87 years


network page  application  badge 


  1. Follow the admin: viva-la-heichou
  2. Reblog AND like this post
  3. Fill out the application.
  4. YOU HAVE TO post at least 50%-60% Tokyo Ghoul 
  5. Need to have a skype
  6. This post must get 75+ notes to make this happen. Do it because Suzuya Juuzou is an adorable baby and deserves to be loved and given chocolate


  1. Follow the admin
  2. Don’t be rude
  3. This network is NOT spoiler free, so joining applicants/members accepted must keep that in mind if they have not caught up to the manga or do not wish to be spoiled.
  4. Look at the other blogs in the network, because new friends are nice and we are a network so.
  5. seriously DON’T BE RUDE. 
  6. You need to have the badge somewhere on your blog
  7. If accepted you must participate in group chat, you MUST
  8. Track the tag t-ghoulnet for updates


A skype group chat with the other Tokyo Ghoul members!
You will be radder than before
More followers.
Meet new friends YO

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